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MEGA-HEATMEGA-HEAT is a light weight high proformance portable source of temporary heat.
An almost indestructible tool to warm large areas quickly and effortlessly.
Half a million BTU's of fast moving heat

Quality is dependability is MEGA-HEAT.

welded heater We start with heavy gauge steel, form the parts required to build the frame and weld together all the parts of the heater frame.  We have created a rock solid frame as the foundation of our heater.  Next we have this chassis hot-dip galvanized.  Now you have an item which when left outside (like a highway guard rail), will last probably longer than you want it to.  No bolts or screws to loosen up, no paint to discolor or peel, no overlaps to rust. All other parts (except the motor mount) are pop riveted together to maintain a solid joint.  Temporary heaters take a beating.

MEGA-HEAT rolls on large heavy duty ball bearing wheels for easy movement from site to site.  Use the top handle for redirection or short change of position. Use the front legs as handles to easily push longer distances and through doorways for convenient placement of the heat.  

To free up floor space the MEGA-HEAT can be suspended from above and if the inlet is near the ceiling with the outlet aimed toward the floor, it will recirculate the warm air from the ceiling to along the floor where your feet get cold. A high-velocity fan quickly brings warmth to the whole room.
The outside of the MEGA-HEAT stays at room temperature while the unit is running.  Never a worry about burns or fire from the sides of the unit.
If the air flow through the MEGA-HEAT is restricted enough to cause a problem the temporary heater will shut down.