Water source should be within sight from all points of the paddock.
1 inch black plastic pipe will supply adequate water.
Bury plastic pipe 2 to 3 feet deep to protect from damage.
Paddocks should be sized to have feed for 3 days in summer.
Mow spring growth in paddocks to leave 3 days of grazing.

Next we needed to increase the number of cows in the herd to eat the paddocks in 3 summer days.  This is important to keep forage consistent.  A simmily would be to stock your refrig with 3 days variety of food.  On day one you eat what you like best. On day two 2nd best and on day 3 you eat your least favorite things. Day 3 foods are still healthy, but are your least favorite.  If the cows leave only enough to eat day one, nine plants 14 part lush in the rest period the poorest plants 3/2 days have the best chances.
We divided our pastureland into 14 paddocks and permanently fenced them with gates between them.We have 14 paddocks to manage.  They are divided by 5 wire barb fences around the perimeter of the total pasture and also the dividing fences between the paddocks.  This fence building was more labor intensive to build but drastically reduced the fence maintenance for years to come.

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