We are in a driftless area, meaning we have lots of hills and valleys.  Through the years we have tried to achieve a sustainable operation. We crop the flatter land and pasture the steeper.  The ballance piont we are striving for is to have enough cows to eat the pasture in the summer and raise enough crops to feed the cow-calf pairs through the winter until calving season starts again. Through the years we changed the steeper crop land and turned it into pasture and added more cows to achieve this ballance..

The rotational grazing system is a method of managing the pasture forage.  One object is to keep the desirable forage from maturing.  A simmily would be to stock your refrig with 3 days variety of food.  On day one you eat what you like best; On day two you eat the OK things: On day 3 you eat your least favorite things; but they are still healthy for you and there is no food left to spoil in the refrig.
We divided our pastureland into 14 paddocks and permanently fenced them with gates between them.  They are divided by 5 wire barb fences around the perimeter of the total pasture and also the dividing fences between the paddocks. With a 2 day grazing period per paddock we complete a pasture cycle in 28 days. This fence building was more labor intensive to build, but drastically reduced the fence maintenance for years to come.
 Next we needed to increase the number of cows in the herd to eat all of the forage in each paddock in 3 summer days. In three days regrouth will become the desired forage in the paddock. Whatever plants have not been eaten when we move to the next paddock will now have the rest of the year to repopulate. This is important to keep forage consistent.  

We have 14 paddocks to manage.