Height(drinking) above pad  27.5 inches
Height total above pad  32.5
Width  25.5 inches
Depth 17 inches
Weight 45 pounds
Pipe size  3/4 inch NPT
Anchor bolts  3/8 X 1.5
Recomended water pressure  40 PSI
Water valve   Hudson Valve - 1" Gravity/Pressurized Flow
LOW COST $270.00
5 year limited warranty on the Drinker 1 year on the valve.

An affordable all welded steel waterer for rotational grazing pastures. A hot dip galvanized  watering device meant to go in the center of a rotational paddock. Bull tough, insuring decades of trouble free pure water for the herd. Full flow water level control for maintenance free operation
One head on each side -- no pushing on the tank.